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THE EASY BUNDLE contains a variety of treats that doesn't resemble typical animal parts, while still being nutritious and tasty

Save 5% as part of the bundle

Suitable for dogs 12 weeks & Older


Beef Muscle Pieces - 200g

Fish Cubes - 200g

Pure Meat Sticks - 200g

Item Composition
Analytical Constituents
Beef Muscle Pieces 100% beef
Crude Protein 70.3%, Crude Fat 10.7%, Moisture 5.6%, Crude Ash 11.4%, Crude Fibre 2.0%
Fish Cubes 100% cod
Crude Protein 80.0%, Crude Fat 4.0%, Moisture 10.7%, Crude Ash 6.7%, Crude Fibre 1.7%
Pure Meat Sticks See Here See Here
Pure Meat Sticks (Flavour)