Subscription FAQS

What comes in a Box?

Each month you will receive three treats, two sustainable toys, and finally an extra special gift - it could be anything form high quality cleaning products to something fun for the favourite human!

What sort of treats?

The treats will vary from great for training, to perfect for tough chewing, but every single one selected is 100% natural with nothing nasty added.

Sustainable toys?

You read that right. We make sure every toy is made from either 100% natural materials, or 100% recycled materials and always 100% fun!

Is it approved for puppies and different dog breeds?

Yes, our boxes are great for any size and type of pup. And if you ever need to change anything, just email us at

How customisable is it?

Every dog is special. Some love the beef treats, others prefer the chicken, whilse some might have the odd allergy. We can tailor your box to any sensitivities, jsut let us know when you sign up or email us at

How do I cancel?

If your hound isn't happy with their box, we’ll work with you to make it right. We can also help if you need to skip, pause, or cancel your box. Reach out to our team at